copper, stainless steel

The work was created in respose to the invintaion of curator Ruudt Peters to participate in the exhibition “21 Grams”, which travelled to China, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Holland.
The title originates from the scientific experiment, published in 1907, by Duncan MacDougall, a physician from Massachusetts, who hypothesized that the soul has physical weight. Thus of 21grs.

“Omicron” was inspired by the notion of pseudoscience and the ancient cult of pythagoreanism, which believed that numbers were the basis of the entire cosmos,
structured according to significant mathematical relationships in order to achieve harmony.
Using the letters of the greek alphabet as numerical signs and by following an additive principle they claimed to be capable of explaining the mysteries of life and death ...
The numeric values of each letter of a word were recursively added together to form an arithmetical sum. Words could be then linked back to their cosmic order. 

I.e. the word ΨΥΧΗ (psyche=soul) gives the sum of 7, (Ψ=700, Y=400, X=60, H=8)
The piece does weight 21grs.

all images and texts © Vivi Touloumidi 2010-2023

all images and texts © Vivi Touloumidi 2010-2023